Foster Care

THE MONTH of May has arrived. In the Ohio Valley, it is one of the most favorite times of the season. May is associated with nice spring weather and the end of the school year.

It is an upbeat time.

May also brings with it a special observance: Foster Care Month.

The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services has teamed with Gov. John R. Kasich in recognizing May as Foster Care Month. All Ohioans are being asked to do something positive to make a difference for children in foster care.

Foster families create a special bond. Foster care most often means a better standard of living for children who otherwise would not be exposed to a positive upbringing. The love and support exhibited in foster homes can yield a life-changing experience.

Foster care is a widespread undertaking in the Buckeye State, making a positive imprint on our state’s youth.

Ohio has 11,851 children in foster care and 5,853 licensed foster homes. Those large numbers reflect the significance the role which foster cares in the state. The structured family setting increases stability for children by keeping them closer to their siblings, extended families, neighborhoods and schools.

Foster parents also benefit by the reciprocal love they receive to go with a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

Unfortunately, often times foster parents do not receive their deserved recognition. Thus, Foster Care Month helps bring a spotlight to the thousands of individuals who are making a true difference in the lives of youth.

Foster parents provide a rich and rewarding future for the children they adopt.

We extend our warmest and sincerest thanks for their selfless efforts.