Young Drinkers

UNDERAGE DRINKING is a problem of national scope. The Ohio Valley, by no means, is exempt from the painful issue.

It is a problem that can all too often lead to tragedy and/or heartache. One bad decision by a youth can trigger a lifetime full of hardship.

That is why we are embracing a new initiative in the Ohio Valley to curb underage drinking. The Ohio Valley Athletic Conference is championing the cause with its new awareness campaign.

We are supporting the venture, hoping it takes hold locally, making a positive impact in the lives of our area youth.

THE OVAC is partnering with local Anheuser-Busch distributors in launching “Family Talk About Drinking.” The program provides an outlet parents can turn to in all stages of the parenting process to discuss underage drinking.

Family Talk covers strategies for all ages in a way that is useful for every family, as parenting roles may need to change as kids grow up. Family Talk allows parents to introduce new ideas, share stories, ask questions and get answers from qualified experts.

In our rat-race society, this is a precious commodity. The old-school family structure is no more, making Family Talk a vital vehicle for solving problems before they become issues.

According to a study released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, alcohol is the most commonly used drug among youths in the United States. At least 42 percent of high school students report they have consumed alcohol within the last 30 days, and people aged 12-20 years drink 11percent of all alcohol consumed in this country.

Those are sobering statistics.

That is why the Family Talk program is a needed commodity.

It is a great tool to assist parents with the conversations they have with their children in regards to making the right decisions and underage consumption.