Relay for Life

THE OHIO Valley is currently economically challenged, but it is rich in what really counts. That being compassion, caring and the love for one another.

That was reinforced once again this weekend in St. Clairsville. The Belmont County Relay for Life wrapped up Saturday morning. It was again deemed a rousing success, both financially and emotionally.

This year’s Relay encompassed 15 hours of walking, remembering, celebrating and fundraising at Red Devil Stadium.

“I am so happy with the turnout,” said American Cancer Society representative Chelsea Edwards, who oversaw the Belmont County Relay. “It’s so exciting to see so many people come out and support the cause.”

Such support and stepping up for our neighbors personified the way of life in the Ohio Valley. Local residents dutifully champion worthwhile causes, and the Relay for Life is one of those most passionately embraced.

This past weekend’s Belmont County Relay for Life generated some $42,000 in revenue for the American Cancer Society. It was $8,000 short of the county’s goal, but an amount that will still aid the cause in the never-ending battle against cancer.

That total can still grow.

Edwards notes there are still some checks and donations outstanding that could push the county past its goal. We urge all those who are tardy with their pledges to do so in timely fashion.

We commend all those involved with the Belmont County Relay for Life, as they were able to make a seamless transition to a new venue this year.

Relocating from Bellaire to St. Clairsville could have proven problematic, but played out without a hitch. The new site offers an opportunity for future growth, resulting in a chance to raise additional life-saving money.