Stupid Acts

AN ANCIENT East Germanic tribe hasn’t resurfaced in Eastern Ohio, but a group assuming its name, without the capital letter, unfortunately is causing willful and malicious destruction in this area.

Vandalism has always been a problem, but it seems to be increasing and especially hard hit have been facilities built as a result of community efforts as well as buildings destroyed by fire. Then, too, cemetery markers too often are damaged by vandals, who give no thought to the families affected.

Graffiti also is the work of vandals, and sometimes vehicles are damaged by the thoughtless acts.

Damaged during acts of recent vandalism have been gazebos, one in southern Jefferson County and the other in southern Belmont County.

Just opened this year was the gazebo at the Warren Township Park through the efforts of the Warren Township Lions Club, which spearheaded the community effort resulting in the construction of the outdoor facility, which can and is being used for a variety of community activities.

Then, there’s the Powhatan Point gazebo, constructed several years ago, with the Powhatan Improvement Corp. being a leader in having it built.

Work by others in the two communities were ignored by those responsible for the irresponsible action of vandalism.

Also, the number of fires caused by arson seem to be increasing with private properties appearing to be a principal target.

DAMAGES, of course, mean more work for other people, but the destructive acts also result in other problems. Depending on what is damaged, it can mean higher taxes, higher insurance rates or increases in consumer prices.

More seriously, it can result in death as happened earlier this year when an Ohio woman was killed in an accident after a stop sign was vandalized.

And the destructive acts may have occurred because someone was bored, angry or revengeful.

Possibly, the vandal was drunk or strung out on drugs.

Vigilance on the part of residents and law enforcement authorities as well as keeping vacant properties in good repair with a lived-in look may help in battling vandalism.

REGARDLESS of the reasons for the vandalism, the acts themselves are just plain stupid.