Neffs Project

IT HAS been a long road to hoe for Neffs residents, but there is now some light at the end of the tunnel.

The Belmont County community, situated just west of Bellaire, has been attempting to secure a sewage system for some 20 years. It’s not in place yet, but the wheels have been set in motion to make it finally come to fruition.

The Belmont County commissioners have been doggedly determined to make it become reality, while Neffs residents have exhibited the collective patience of Job.

At this week’s meeting, commissioners motioned to approve and sign the fourth pay application for Fields Excavating, Inc., in the amount of $292,845.45. The money is for the first phase of the Neffs, West Neffs and St. Joe project.

The elongated work, which commenced in March, has surpassed the halfway mark and is currently on schedule. Barring any unexpected setbacks or snafus, the system is targeted to be operational in November. If such a timetable plays out, it would deliver Neffs residents an early Christmas present, two decades in the wrapping.

Once completed, the system will have 270 hookups. That will also mean a new lease on life for hundreds of individuals.

The total cost of the project exceeds $2.8 million, reflecting the extensive scope of the undertaking as well as the commitment of commissioners to improve the quality of life in Belmont County.

Workers installing the sewer system have commented on how accommodating and friendly the Neffs residents have been. After a two-decade wait, it speaks volumes about their character.

We can only hope the project progresses as expected, encountering no snags.

We congratulate the Neffs community on its soon-to-be long-awaited sewage system and commend county commissioners for helping make it come about.