Tumbling Down

SONYA SHREVE’S bid to save her Bellaire house from the wrecking ball appears to be ill-fated.

Shreve has been making repairs to a Harrison Street structure while Bellaire officials have been looking to raze it. A definitive demolition date was previously not enforced by village officials, apparently giving Shreve a reprieve in her housing rehabilitation attempts.

She did make noticeable improvements to the outside of the structure, including the enclosure of the back which had been unsealed.

However, the inside of the structure was a different matter.

Village council had issued a July 5 re-inspection date for the house. When the village inspector arrived to carry out his examination, Shreve denied him access to the inside. He subsequently declared the nuisance had not been abated, resulting in council’s decision to proceed with demolition.

Shreve’s fate was doomed when she failed to file an official injunction with the county against the original demolition order. Thus, village council has the power to pursue its course of action.

It’s unfortunate to see an attempt to rehab a Bellaire structure fail to come to fruition. Bellaire could use less demolition and more refurbished residences.

Village council appears to be proceeding legally. Shreve did not meet mandated time guidelines. We believe she should have also allowed an interior inspection. If so, Bellaire officials may have been more amenable to negotiate an extension.