Family Fun

SCHOOL BELLS will be ringing in the very near future for Eastern Ohio students, some as early as next week. The resumption of classes signals the unofficial end of summer.

That being the case, two ideal family-oriented festivals commence today to help wind down the season in entertaining fashion.

In Martins Ferry, the annual Betty Zane Days Festival offers a wide variety of activities, competitions and music for individuals of all ages.

The annual event is under the direction of the Martins Ferry Volunteer Fire Department. The VFD plans meticulously for the festival, looking to provide all types of attractions. Such preparation results in festive times for all.

Meanwhile, just a few miles up Ohio 7, the Yorkville Volunteer Fire Department’s annual Firefighters Festival runs through Saturday and is the largest fund-raising event of the year for the fire department.

Both events offer good clean fun and plenty of it. The two festivals are worth supporting as they fund life-saving organizations — volunteer fire departments

In addition to great food, lively entertainment and a plethora of rides, Betty Zane Days will feature its annual 5K race Wednesday. It is well stocked with walkers and runners of all ages.

The Yorkville fest boasts the “Pike Island Dog” along with other foods such as homemade cabbage and noodles. It also includes Calliope Amusements/Rides on the midway, concessions, games, entertainment and plenty of food. The department’s famous signature, “Station 84/3 Alarm Burger,” will be available. The Pike Island Dog is a new addition this year, and a department spokesperson said, “If you want to know what’s in it, you’ll have to come and try it!!!”

We encourage everyone to get out and attend one or both of these festive events, treating yourself to a good time while supporting our local firefighters.