Helping Others

HELPING OTHERS is one of the hallmarks of the Ohio Valley. That is born out on a regular basis throughout the area.

The latest example of selfless caring is playing out in YTR country. The Yorkville United Methodist Church’s Food Pantry is doing good things. Many good things to be more accurate.

As a result, hundred of families and individuals down on their luck are getting much-needed food supplies.

For that, all those involved in such a worthwhile and heart-warming undertaking draw our commendation.

The Yorkville UMC launched its food ministry back in 2008. It was designed to help needy families by distributing food twice a month. It soon gained membership in the Mid-Ohio Food Bank, which has enabled amazing growth in the ensuing four years.

The Yorkville mission started with 25 families. From those humble beginnings, a massive undertaking has taken root. Now more than 180 needy families, encompassing more than 300 people, are receiving food and fresh produce at no cost.

Such figures are bittersweet. It is disturbing that many individuals in that locale are enduring tough times. But it refreshing knowing that an organization such as the Yorkville UMC is there to care for their needs.

It doesn’t stop there, however.

The food distribution program — with the help of the Mid-Ohio Food Bank — has expanded to a Produce Distribution Program. It is eligible for up to 10,000 pounds of produce each month. Recipients will be based on Ohio Jobs and Family Services guidelines.

The produce program has cultivated more support as the Yorkville UMC will be joined by Catholic churches in Tiltonsville and Yorkville as well as the Tiltonsville and Rayland United Methodist Churches. The Rush Run Community Chapel is also getting involved.

The Yorkville VFD is also doing its part by making its venue the distribution center.

The Yorkville UMC Food Pantry has morphed into a widespread act of kindness, with countless people being the beneficiaries.