JB On The Move

THE JB Green Team is on the move.

The solid waste organization services the residents of Jefferson and Belmont counties with recycling programs, special collections and educational/awareness activities.

JB Green Team is also in the market for new headquarters. The JB Green Team’s Jefferson County offices are currently located in the former Wintersville Elementary school building. It also has offices in St. Clairsville.

The Wintersville venue, however, has been purchased by the Jefferson County Christian School and classes have commenced there.

Thus, JB Green Team is looking for new digs.

In these cost-efficient days, it makes sense to have one centrally located headquarters. Obviously, Yorkville, makes perfect sense as the community encompasses both counties.

The Green Team, however, is not considering Yorkville. Rather, it is studying its sister community of Tiltonsville. More than one building is under consideration in the village.

Tiltonsville is in competition with Steubenville’s City Hall. A timetable for a decision is unknown, but JB has lease accords with both of its current sites that carry over into 2013.

Consolidation of offices makes sense as it saves dollars.

We commend JB Green Team officials for being proactive in their search for new headquarters. They also draw our praise for placing Tiltonsville on their short list.

The Green Team is currently in solid financial shape but is wary of what 2013 may bring. With that being the case, it would behoove the organization to act as quickly as possible for relocating into a single office.

The JB Green Team has made a positive impact in Belmont and Jefferson counties. A new office in Tiltonsville would only ehance its efforts.