Killing Coal

BOB MURRAY wasn’t crying wolf.

The coal and energy mogul has warned of looming tough times for the mining industry. His words proved prophetic Tuesday afternoon.

It came in the form of the closure of OhioAmerican Energy, Inc., located near Brilliant. It is a subsidiary of Murray Energy Corp.

Such a move is another severe blow to the mining industry as well as to the local economic landscape. At its peak, OhioAmerican employed 239 workers in well-paying jobs. Taking such a hefty numbers out of the work force can only be detrimental to the area’s economic well-being.

The latest coal setback comes on the heels of 29 miners losing their job at Murray Energy’s Powhatan No. 6 mine less than two weeks ago.

Tuesday’s news is sobering but not surprising. Murray has indicated for a good while that President Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency are wreaking havoc in the coal fields.

The closure of OhioAmerican is proof positive that Murray is right on. It also may be a disturbing harbinger. President Obama has launched what many call a “War on Coal.” That may be an accurate assessment when taking Tuesday’s closure into account.

Obama’s anti-coal stance has already dealt a major blow to the industry. Unfortunately, such layoffs and mine closings may multiple as long as Obama occupies the White House.

To his credit, Murray traveled to OhioAmerican to deliver the painful news in person. It couldn’t have been an easy mission.

Murray Energy officials noted that “this is a sad day for all of us.” They are painfully correct.

Unfortunately, Obama’s policies may deliver many more painful days to the mining industry before he exits the White House.