No Guarantees

THERE ARE some things you just can’t guarantee, while there are others that should not be guaranteed.

That is why we agree with the action (or inaction) taken by the Belmont County Commissioners Wednesday. Commissioners were approached by the attorney for the Belmont County Law Library Resource Board.

The board was seeking the commissioners’ collective signatures on a contract, agreeing they would make every effort to avoid further relocating the library. The law board officials are happy with their new venue but are wary that if Western Division Court must be relocated than the library would also be moved again.

We believe such an accord, if signed, would paint the county commissioners in a corner they need not go. Who knows what decisions they may need to be make in the future in regard to space?

Moreover, the commissioners have been proactive in relocating office space throughout the county in order to save money. They have been prudent and taxpayer friendly in such matters.

Additionally, the county has shouldered much of the burden in relocating the library. We realize the library board picked up more than $22,000 of the relocation price tag. But the total cost of the transaction is $60,000.

The commissioners, meanwhile, have paid for new carpeting and paint while also footing the bill for the utilities and maintenance.

We believe the library board is worrying about a scenario which may never arise. Commissioner Matt Coffland reinforced that thinking, saying no such plans are on the radar.

No county office has such a guarantee, nor should it. Thus, commissioners should not be handcuffed by a frivolous agreement.