Special Square

SOMETIMES EVEN the best-laid plans can go awry.

Case-in-point: Bridgeport’s Monument Square.

The Bridgeport Bridge was razed many months ago. To keep its memory fresh in residents’ minds, a railing from the structure was placed in Monument Square.

It was a good-hearted gesture to establish an ongoing tribute to a span steeped in history. The bridge, at one point, served as the gateway to the west.

Unfortunately, sometimes well-intentioned deeds don’t play out as planned. Displaying the railing was a well-received move; its placement, however, struck a nerve with some individuals.

The rub lies with the railing being erected just a few feet away from the century-old World War I soldier statue. That figure is one of the village’s most recognizable landmarks.

Some local veterans’ organizations took offense, noting that the proximity of the railing to the soldier didn’t allow for proper respect. Those groups believe 10-feet from a statue is considered hallowed ground, reflecting the sacrifices and commitments the statue exhibits.

Both sides should be commended for their passion and dedication to their respective causes. Saving a part of the bridge and paying tribute to our veterans are both just causes.

We commend both sides in this issue for coming to a friendly and sensible solution. The bridge railing will soon be relocated just north of its present location, far enough away to satisfy those championing the monument’s cause.

Momument Square is a scenic venue and possibly the face of Bridgeport.

It is also a site that evokes much community pride and undying patriotism.