Voting Hours

UNIFORMITY CAN be a good thing. Uniformity with expanded opportunities is even be better.

The early voting issue in Ohio had been nothing short of an unbridled mess until Wednesday. That is when Secretary of State Jon Husted finally put some much-needed order into the situation.

Husted established uniform early-voting hours across the state for the Nov. 6 presidential election. While we believe Husted didn’t go far enough in his edict, he did bring a sense of order to the voting dilemma.

Husted directed that all 88 county election boards be open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays for the first three weeks of voting, commencing Oct. 2. That changes to 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. then final two weeks, save the final day (Nov. 2) when a 6 p.m. closing has been established.

We are fine with such time parameters for the weekdays involved. We feel, however, Husted could have take it one step further to accommodate more of the electorate.

Weekends are excluded from Husted’s decision. For many of working-class Ohioans, weekends are the best and sometimes only options to get to the polls. Often times it is a hardship or an impossibility for them to reach the election board during the course of their workdays.

Adding either limited Saturday or Sunday hours would have obviously proven more voter friendly. A few more hours on a weekend would have not been cost prohibitive and would have made life easier to countless blue-collar workers.

Husted deserves praise for his efforts to get all county election boards in the Buckeye State on the same page.

He did stub his toe, however, by a couple of days.