Senseless Act

VANDALISM IS a stupid and costly act. Unfortunately, it reared its ugly head once again this past weekend.

Bellaire’s Nelson Field was the victim of vandals sometime late Friday night or in the early hours of Saturday. Regardless of when it occurred, the crime makes no sense.

The Big Reds’ football team was host to East Liverpool Saturday afternoon. Much of the graffiti painted throughout the stadium was targeted at the Bellaire High football program. Coaches and players were painted in a negative light. The village of Bellaire was also slammed.

Such action makes no sense.

Defacing property is criminal. Taking unfair shots at high school players and coaches — who sacrifice hours of their time while risking injury to represent their school and community — is juvenile. Some of the graffiti was racial in nature, which is totally outrageous.

Thanks to the quick and adept work of Bellaire School District employees and other volunteers, much of the damage was painted over prior to game time. They should be commended by all for helping to quickly eliminate a potentially embarrassing episode for the school district and community.

The fieldhouse, concession stand and some of the players’ spears on the walkway to the field were damaged. Such behavior shows disregard to all the work put in by the Football Moms, staffers and volunteers who proudly worked this summer to support their Big Reds.

The damage done by the criminals is only temporary. The tradition of a superb football program remains intact.

What needs to happen, however, is for all those involved in the vandalism to be arrested, convicted and receive the harshest penalties possible. We encourage anyone with any helpful knowledge in the case to contact the Bellaire Police Department as soon as possible.

Recently, Bellaire officials have placed great emphasis on cleaning the town up, that now includes ridding it of vandals.