Zoning Decision

SOMETIMES YOUR second choice pans out to be an excellent one.

Such appears the case in Bellaire. The All-American Town was in dire need of a zoning administrator.

Village council initially offered the post to?Larry?Siebieda. The highly regarded architect was well-suited for the task at hand.

One problem, Siebieda did not want the job.?He has a full plate with his architectural work and other endeavors throughout the tri-state area.

To Bellaire Village Council’s credit, it identified an excellent second option. This time, the position was accepted.

Michael?Wallace knows Bellaire as well as anybody. That will come in very handy as he is the village’s new zoning czar. Council voted 6-0 to make that happen.

We believe Wallace will do very well in his new role. The former Bellaire fire chief is off to a good start.

He hit the ground running, meeting with many village officials, attempting to get everyone on the same page. In the past, building codes and zoning issues have yielded much confusion and lack of enforcement.

We believe that will change under Wallace’s watch, with the expertise of Law Director Ed Sustersic and hopefully the balance of village officials. Wallace has a game plan that we feel will prove effective.

Wallace wants to establish simpler guidelines and have an ordinance put into effect creating proper procedures. Such an ordinance would enable Wallace to carry out his new duties in proper fashion with legal support.

Wallace is also right on when he notes personality conflicts also spawn many of the problems that develop within the workings of the village.

Wallace is a community-minded individual, also serving on the Bellaire Board of Education and is the county’s flood plain administrator.

We have faith that?Wallace and Sustersic — with proper support — can clean up zoning issues in the village that can help propel the All-American?Town to a more vibrant and cleaner business environment.