Fire Safety

TODAY MARKS the beginning of Fire Prevention Week. It runs through Friday and is held in conjunction with October being National Fire Safety Month.

It is a worthwhile designation. Obviously, fire safety is critical in the lives of all of us.

However, it should not be contained to simply a week or month. Fire safety needs to be practiced 24/7, 365. Simply put, it needs to be practiced every day.

We believe proper training begins with our youth. Providing education at a young age helps ingrain the proper practices needed to ensure fire safety.

Fire Prevention?Week dates its inception back to 1922. During the ensuing 90 years, the observance has likely saved countless lives by emphasizing the importance for safety and providing the educational tools to make it happen.

Every year, the National Fire Safety Council picks a theme. This year’s is “Two?Ways Out.”

That being the case, parents and guardians should make sure their children know exactly how to exit their house should a fire occur. Secondly, if a fire does take place, a safe meeting place outside the structure should be mapped ahead of time.

Also, both children and adults alike should learn the “Stop, Drop and Roll” technique.

Such preparations are needed as fires are both common and deadly, as reinforced in these facts.

  • One home structure fire is reported every 85 seconds
  • Most fatal fires kill one or two people
  • U.S. fire departments respond to nearly 400,000 home structure fires each year.

It goes without saying that fires occur all too often, causing damage and unfortunately death. To their credit, many of our local fire departments are holding school safety programs this week.

We commend them. What they show our students also needs reinforced on the homefront frequently.

While fires will always rear their ugly flames, they need not turn fatal with the proper instruction.