Johnson Endorsed

During his first term in Congress, U.S. Rep. Bill Johnson hit the ground running in service to the 6th District. In representing his Ohio Valley region well, Johnson made it clear he should be returned to the House of Representatives.

What makes Johnson such a good fit with constituents in his district is his background. He grew up on family farms and understands the rural nature of much of his district. He had a distinguished career in the Air Force, retiring as a lieutenant colonel. He has been involved in high-tech small business.

While in Congress, Johnson has fought back against President Barack Obama’s war on coal – which Johnson realizes will increase electric bills for virtually everyone in Ohio and kill jobs throughout the state.

Like most of his constituents, Johnson wants health care reform, but understands “Obamacare” – the new national health care law – will cost many constituents hundreds or thousands of dollars a year. Some will lose the health insurance they have now.

Johnson wants realistic education reform, less regulatory burden that keeps businesses from creating jobs, a fair trade policy that safeguards Ohio jobs, taxes held as low as possible, spending cuts to address the national debt and respect for basic values.

Two years ago, East Ohioans refused to re-elect Charlie Wilson to Congress. They disliked his support of many Obama administration initiatives – and rightly so. Now Wilson is running against Johnson again.

But East Ohio voters were right two years ago and have had no reason to second-guess their decision then. Johnson is right for the 6th District.

The Times Leader endorses Johnson and urges 6th District voters to re-elect him on Nov. 6.