Voter Education

THE BELLAIRE School District is working hard to dig itself out of debt.

Much progress has been made in that regard.

The district is now taking in more revenue than paying out. That is the way good business works. It wasn’t easy for Bellaire officials to realize black ink.

Some 40 teachers lost their jobs. Many OAPSE members met the same fate while a handful of administration positions are now unfilled. All the cuts saved a great deal of money.

Also, the food services operation went from a huge budget drain to a money maker.

Strong leadership has helped steer the district in the right direction.

Sacrifice has also proved a huge shot in the arm to those deficit-cutting efforts. It was personified by the teachers’ association and OAPSE both accepting a salary freeze while also agreeing to an insurance package that costs them more but it a big cost-saver for the district.

An 8.7-mill levy is the final piece of the Big Reds’ financial comeback story. It is on the Nov. 6 ballot and is the district’s fifth try in the last two years for a new funding source.

Levy passage is the key to bringing in the needed revenue to bury the state debt. Should it fail, problems will again begin to escalate.

In order to educate all district voters and all those interested in Bellaire schools, Superintendent Tony Scott has scheduled three informational meetings. Each school will host one of the sessions, beginning this Wednesday at the elementary school.

The second is set for Oct. 17 at the middle school and the finale on Oct. 24 at the high school. All three meetings begin at 6:30 p.m.

School district officials are working hard to generate levy support and get their message out to the public. We encourage all district voters to take in one of the three meetings to get better informed on the issues at hand.

Students in Bellaire deserve as much.

So we urge all Bellaire School District voters to do their homework by attending one of the meetings.