Working Together

BELLAIRE IS a community in dire need of attracting new businesses. The All-American Town is dotted with many buildings sitting idle and vacant storefronts. Well-paying jobs are hard to come by.

Fortunately, one new business is doing quite well in the southern section of the village. Electronics Recycling Services is located at the former First Ward School site.

It is a unique entity as only a handful of such recycling ventures are in operation across the country. ERS has enjoyed robust business, to say the least. So much so, it has drawn the ire of some Bellaire residents.

ERS is overflowing in electronic recyclables, stockpiled all over its facility. Such volume has triggered complaints that the former school is an eyesore.

Such a designation is open for debate. ERS officials have noted that their business has grown much more quickly than first anticipated. As a result, the company has not had sufficient time to create proper storage areas.

ERS is a blessing to the Bellaire economy, already creating 40 plus jobs with many more likely. Village officials need to embrace such an entity.

With that said, there is room to have a thriving business, operating in orderly and eye-pleasing fashion.

Village leaders and ERS officials just need to sit down amicably and map a fair timetable for the recycling company to get its house in order. We believe that would serve both parties’ best interests.