Deserving better

WHY CAN’T we all just get along? That is the $64,000 question currently swirling through the village of Tiltonsville.

To say the Jefferson County community is in disarray would be understating the major chaos at hand.

Earlier this week, four police officers, including the longtime chief, tendered their respective resignations. The four law enforcement personnel were unhappy with some actions and inactions of the village’s mayor.

Shortly thereafter, that same mayor reportedly announced he was stepping down.

We believe all five of the individuals, regardless of the reasons for their discontent, are doing the village an injustice. Residents of Tiltonsville are deserving of quality police protection and leadership.

Currently, the town is getting little, if any, of either.

Village council accepted the resignation of the three police officers but not the chief. Tabling the chief’s resignation was a prudent move, as he has served the village for more than a dozen years, which must reflect his ability to deftly run his department.

It may have been prudent also to not accept the resignations of the other three until cooler heads could prevail.

That may occur Saturday morning when a special village council meeting has been called to discuss personnel.

Tiltonsville is fortunate to have 24-hour police protection, or at least it did. That is a nice security commodity to have in such criminal-active times.

We hope that Tiltonsville council has the ability to serve as peacemakers to quell such a volatile situation. It may not, however, be possible to get all those involved to come to a friendly accord.

But the residents of Tiltonsville deserve better treatment than what has played out this week. Village council has a major task on its hands, but one that needs to be resolved quickly and correctly for the safety of village residents.