Moving Forward

NORMALCY IS starting to return to the village of Tiltonsville. Some police issues remain to be put to bed, but the Jefferson County community is in a much better state of order than a week ago.

After a tumultuous few days, village council met in special session. That meeting was triggered by the resignation of the police chief, three police officers and the mayor.

The village was in a virtual state of chaos.

Tiltonsville, thanks to a levy, is in line for around-the-clock police protection. Mass resignations made that an impossibility. Void of a mayor, the village was ill-equipped to rectify the problem.

To the credit of council members, they called a special meeting in the wake of the turmoil. That Saturday session went a long way to getting the village back on the right path.

Council members offered the olive branch, asking Jerry Vinci to return to his mayoral duties after his abbreviated departure. He declined the offer, but did so with the best of the village in mind. For that, he should be commended.

Council President Pro-Tem Kris Prati is now the mayor. She is no stranger to the post, formerly serving as Tiltonsville’s mayor for four years, opting not to seek re-election. Prior to that, she served as a councilwoman for 12 years. Suffice to say, Prati is well-equipped to handle the task at hand.

Chief of Police Jerry Davis was back on duty Monday. Davis had submitted his resignation, effective Nov. 30, last Tuesday, and his vacation had been scheduled this week. His return helps to solidify the police force, one in which he has been a part of for more than 12 years.

Prati and Davis, with the help of council members, now must solve one more problem — that being to get the police department up to full and quality staffing, doing so quickly.

Although it is a major issue, we do not expect it to be difficult to resolve. Prati and Davis have proven leadership skills and an ability to work together.

We believe they, with council’s assistance and support, can prudently fill the police vacancies with capable officers.

All through the weeklong ordeal, a great sense of community spirit emanated from residents and village officials alike. Tiltonsville is a village of deep-rooted pride, one that also exhibits resiliency.