MAKING A positive difference in the lives of others is a practice we all should exhibit.

The Oakview Juvenile Residential Center is doing so in exemplary fashion to a group of youths in dire need of direction. The St. Clairsville-based facility recently received a perfect rating by the American Correctional Association.

If such honors weren’t impressive enough, that distinction was achieved by only 12 community juvenile correctional facilities throughout the entire state of Ohio.

John M. Rowan is the executive director of Oakview. He and his staff should be commended for delivering such a high standard of service to their clientele. The perfect rating is proof positive that Oakview delivers in a superb fashion across the board — be it instruction of the youths in its facility, the environment which the youth are housed or be it the quality staff pulling everything together under Rowan’s guidance.

Oakview was checked for 266 compliance standards. To pass that much scrutiny without a flaw is a sparkling achievement.

The facility houses boys from ages 12-17 from Belmont, Jefferson, Noble and Harrison counties. All have encountered various and — often times — severe problems. The Oakview staff has been helping resolve those issues since it opened in 1994.

Now Rowan and his staff await reaccreditation from the national association.

With all the positives emanating from Oakview, we see reaccreditation as a mere formality.