Senior Services

GOOD TIMES appear to be dawning for senior citizens in Belmont County.

Voters in the county gave their overwhelming approval Tuesday to a renewal levy that helps to fund the senior services and programs wing of the Belmont County Department of Job and Family Services.

The levy approval comes on the heels of an organizational change being implemented with senior services, one that we believe may prove beneficial to those in their golden years.

Belmont County commissioners announced recently they are looking to separate senior services from the DJFS, creating a separate entity. Programs and services will not be impacted, but rather the management structure and organization will be altered.

Commissioners see the plan as a way to conserve senior funding and better utilize levy dollars to provide the best possible services available to the county’s seniors. We believe senior services will operate more efficiently as its own agency, as any problems with accountability will be removed.

The plan calls for a director to be employed for the stand-alone operation, a fiscal administrator and some other positions as needed.

Once in place, all the senior services will fall under a focused leadership, with children’s services and work force services being removed from them mix.

The DJFS has done a credible job of overseeing senior services, amongst its many other responsibilities. An agency dealing solely with seniors will be able to take efficiency to the next level.

We commend the Belmont County commissioners and DJFS for brokering a deal that should prove a boon to a special group of individuals — our senior citizens.