Time to Update

WE AGREE with the thinking of Bellaire Zoning Administrator Mike Wallace.

The former Bellaire fire chief takes his zoning duties seriously. That was reflected in his discussion with Bellaire council members Thursday.

Wallace said many of the All-American Town’s ordinances need to be addressed. They are either outdated, ambiguous or both.

There is no need for antiquated ordinances. They serve no purpose. They are a clutter to effective government.

Wallace reinforced his point by saying many of the ordinances still on the books were passed in 1963.

Suffice to say, some 50-year-old ordinances may have definitely outlived their usefulness.

The issue came to light when junk materials and vehicles as well as trailers drew council’s attention. Some village residents feel junk is an increasing problem in Bellaire.

But as Wallace pointed out, “The ordinance doesn’t specifically address items used in performance of a business.”

To remedy the situation, Wallace offered a simple but workable solution.

He believes all those involved need to sit down and look on both sides what’s best for this community, for both businesses and its residents.

That makes a great deal of sense.

Problems presented by toothless-ordinances can easily be resolved. Wallace believes the best course of action is to have council sit down and work on updating the ordinances and their language to better reflect the times.

Such a meeting of the minds would cut to the chase and hopefully reach common ground with new ordinances.

Subsequently, it would yield more efficient government.