Beefing Up Security

YOU CANNOT put a price tag on security. In these criminally active times, living and working in a safe environment is no guarantee.

That thought has not been lost on Harrison County officials. In fact, the county courthouse is in line to be a much safer facility in the near future.

Assistant County Prosecutor Michael Washington met in emergency executive session with the county board of commissioners last week to resolve security issues in the county courtrooms. That session proved a fruitful one.

Commissioners subsequently appropriated $15,000 into capital improvement funds to purchase the recommended security equipment for the courthouse. The beefed up security will begin with two new metal walk-through detectors for the courtroom entrances.

Commissioner Don Bethel noted other parts of the safety package would not be made public in order not to tip off possible violators.

Bethel’s thinking is correct.

The courthouse is the hub of the village of Cadiz and the entire county. So it only makes sense to fortify its defense.

Earlier this year, Belmont County Eastern Division Court flirted with a possible violent situation, when a defendant was able to carry weapons into his hearing. He sat just a few feet away from the judge.

No violence played out but the entire scenario could have been averted if Eastern Court had metal detectors.

To that end, we commend Harrison County officials for having the vision to see the importance of proper security. The $15,000 being used to make the county courthouse safe is money very well spent.