Boxing Up Drugs

WORKING TOGETHER in the battle against drugs. It’s a worthwhile venture currently being undertaken by the Belmont County Drug Task Force and Belmont College.

The two entities are pooling their collective resources and vision to make and subsequently install drop-off boxes for drugs throughout the county. Drug Task Force Commander John McFarland said the boxes are an extension of prior successful drug take-back days, which focused on prescription medicine.

People will now be able to deposit any kind of legal or illegal drug or prescription medication. McFarland said the task force is looking to get the drugs off the street. With that said, we hope the boxes are beneficial to that end.

The thrust of the venture is one worth championing. It is one we believe will prove fruitful.

Belmont College’s welding program is constructing the boxes. They will be 42 inches high, 22 wide and 18 deep with a hinge door on top. The boxes will be made of steel and bolted to the floor. They will have full-length piano hinges to eliminate prying points. They will also include separate openings for needles.

After Belmont College completes it part of the deal, drop-off boxes will be placed at the sheriff’s office and at police departments in Martins Ferry, Barnesville, Bellaire, Bridgeport, Powhatan, St. Clairsville, Shadyside and Bethesda.

Belmont County Prosecutor Chris Berhalter said the boxes will serve as a convenient means of disposing unused prescription medicine that might otherwise be stolen and sold on the street.

Berhalter is right on with that assessment. Thus, the drop-off boxes we believe will definitely help curb such activity.

The new boxes also reflects the passion and urgency area law enforcement personnel possess in their ongoing crusade against drugs.

We commend Belmont College and the county drug task force for partnering up for a safer Belmont County.