Energy Park

THESE ARE good times in Harrison County and they are likely to get better.

The oil and gas business has pumped economic vibrancy into a previous economically challenged county. Specifically, MarkWest Energy has ignited much of the shale-related industry. Other spinoff businesses are also springing up.

Harrison County’s development efforts hit a grand slam earlier this week. It came in the form of Ohio Energy Park. It is a business community of companies with a focus on turning waste into clean energy.

Ohio Energy Park is more than that, it looms as a potential catalyst for extensive job opportunities and additional economic growth for a county already on the upswing.

Ohio Energy Park possesses the state-of-the-art technology which converts raw materials into oil. The machinery is able to process any particular waste strain, so that all waste material that comes to the park will be utilized.

That being the case, the unique operation is boundless in its capabilities.

Should Ohio Energy Park realize its vast potential, the benefits to Harrison County would be staggering.

One additional nugget to the energy park is that its owners claim that the plant will produce processed coal. Should that prove accurate, costly upgrades will be averted by an industry that could use a boost.

Ohio Energy Park is not scheduled to be fully operational for many months. Time is not of the essence. Several months are a small price to pay for the long-term benefits associated with this project.

We are thankful Ohio Energy Park officials have opted to set up shop in Eastern Ohio. We also hope the plant is everything it is touted to be.