Local Growth

A FEEL-GOOD local business success story just got a little sweeter Wednesday.

MPR Supply Chain Solutions/Mountaineer Products is a blossoming business in the northern limits of Bellaire. The transloading facility has experienced much recent growth.

The Governor’s Office of Appalachia is helping make additional expansion possible for MPR. Jason Wilson, an Ohio Valley native and director of the Office of Appalachia, hand delivered a check to MPR officials and the Belmont County Port Authority.

The check was for $75,000 to assist the port authority for the purchase of the Belmont County Memorial USAR Center (Armory), located adjacent to the MPR operations.

The armory property has long laid vacant while also holding a key to MPR expansion.

Wilson and his office were integral in making the transaction become a reality. Port Authority Director Larry Merry said the $75,000 “was the vital seed money to allow the entire bank loan and project to be put into place.”

The cooperation displayed by Wilson’s office, Merry and MPR is making possible the creation of up to 75 new jobs.

MPR is one of the good things developing in Bellaire. It has mushroomed into a $5 million business with more upside.

Not to be overlooked is the assistance supplied by the Ohio Mid-Eastern Governments Association, Belmont County commissioners and, of course, the village of Bellaire.

Once the armory is razed it will clear the way for MPR using the property for the rail shipping component of the business. It also clears the way for a more brighter economic picture for Bellaire and Belmont County.

The teamwork exhibited by all the aforementioned parties is a blueprint for future development success in the Ohio Valley.