New Direction

BELLAIRE VILLAGE Council made a move of major proportions at its meeting Thursday night.

Council members voted to change on how the village is operated. Gone is the Board of Public Affairs. Being ushered in is a village administrator.

Council did so unanimously, voting 6-0 for creating the post. Filling the position, effective Dec. 30, is a familiar face to the village.

Dan Marling is the man for the job. He currently serves Bellaire as its service supervisor. Thus, he will hit the ground running.

Mayor Vince DiFabrizio made the appointment, which needed council’s blessing. Marling obviously has a workable rapport with the mayor, otherwise the appointment would never have come down the pike. That should prove a valuable commodity as Marling moves forward with his new challenges.

Marling and the mayor will now be the two faces of Bellaire, also wielding much clout. Marling’s unanimous vote by council also reflects its faith in his abilities.

Hopefully, that means that Bellaire’s civic leaders are now on the same page, which is rarely the case. It may also signal that the village can become more progressive, attracting new businesses for a downtown desperately in need of such.

Marling in not the first village administrator in Bellaire.

Several years back a similar scenario was in place and got off to a strong start, only to phase out into oblivion, resulting in the creation of the now-defunct BPA.

We wish Mr. Marling the best of luck. His task will not be without issues.

We also challenge all village leaders, as well as residents, to rally behind their new administrator in hopes of re-energizing Bellaire.