Catholic Schools

WE ARE in the midst of observing Catholic Schools Week in our nation.

Catholic schools in Bellaire, Martins Ferry, St. Clairsville, Woodsfield and in all areas of the Diocese of Steubenville are taking part in the observance with various activities.

This year’s theme is “Catholic Schools: Raise the Standards.”

Children in Catholic schools are urged to volunteer in community activities such as visiting and entertaining in nursing homes and hospitals. They help out in soup kitchens, food pantries and hold drives for canned goods and other non-perishable items for the needy. They participate and do well in various educational contests in the area.

Children are the future of our great nation. They are a precious gift from God, and we, who are blessed to have them, have the responsibility to love and care for them, and to teach them in the home and in a family setting, the lessons of life. It is also our duty and responsibility to see that they get the best education possible.

Catholic schools have always impressed upon parents, that they must take an active interest in their child’s education. If they do, then the child will tend to do better work. Remember, home is where the educational process begins and the parents are the primary teachers.

There are a lot of sacrifices being made on behalf of Catholic schools. Tons of money is spent to make sure the schools have the latest in computers and other technological advances. Teachers, administrators and staff are well trained and qualified.

It is a known fact that they make less money working in a Catholic school compared to what they could be paid in public schools. There are many volunteers who give of their time and talents to raise funds for the schools. Parents sacrifice to use their hard-earned money to pay tuition for their childrern to attend Catholic Schools.

There is no doubt Catholic schools play an important role in every facet of life in our communities.

We salute them and we commend those who make the sacrifices to keep them open.