Proactive Safety

SCHOOL SHOOTINGS are playing out all too frequently across the nation. The exclamation point amongst those tragedies was the recent massacre in Connecticut.

Many times such events are unavoidable. With that said, however, school officials need to be proactive with safety preparation and training.

We commend some local districts for taking advantage of a golden opportunity to make their school systems a safer environment.

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office is offering, at no cost, an Active Training Shooting program. It will provide psychological insights into potential active shooters which may help identify a situation before it occurs. The course also includes training on how to respond when an active shooter is in the area. Information on FERPA and HIPPA laws are also provided.

In the light of all the school chaos taking place, the course is one that all school administrators should participate in. At no cost to financially strapped districts, the program is a no-brainer.

At least two Eastern Ohio school districts, Martins Ferry and Bridgeport, are attending today’s program. We would like to think other local districts are also in tow.

If nothing else, those in attendance will be placed on a higher level of awareness, enabling them to be proactive in prevention efforts.

Bridgeport schools are taking safety extremely serious. The district has employed a resource office for the balance of the school year. Moreover, district officials are considering a 1-mill levy in order to create funding to keep a resource officer on the campus grounds next year.

Resource officers can go a long way in creating a safer environment for our schools.

More and more tools are being made available to administrators to make their schools safer. We urge them to follow the lead of the Bridgeport School District in a quest for a violence-free academic setting.