Safer, Quicker Travel

LIKE IT or not, we live in a fast-paced society. With that said, anything that can make traveling quicker and safer is a good thing.

The Ohio Department of Transportation has launched a new website to do just that. ODOT, earlier this week, implemented

The state-of-the-art technology is designed for mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers. The new website is one that should be embraced by motorists, as it will provide them with real-time information by using advanced technology on Ohio’s roadways. is interactive and will supply users with up-to-the-minute travel information such as: Current highway traffic speeds; traffic accidents, slowdowns and tieups; Travel times from one location to another; road construction and delays; traffic cameras to view current travel conditions as they happen and winter road conditions available from November through April each season.

All of the aforementioned information is helpful for drivers, especially those undertaking a lengthy excursion.

“The price we pay for sitting in traffic is significant. It’s time away from our families and money spent on wasted fuel,” said ODOT Director Jerry Wray. “ will allow motorists to log on, look for traffic tie-ups and pick the best route — saving both time and money.”

Wray is right on. Time is a precious commodity. is a vehicle which will supply motorists with more time delivered in a safer fashion.

The Ohio Department of Transportation draws our praise for a worthwhile undertaking.