School Safety

IN THE light of all the school shootings and violence across our nation, too much emphasis can never be placed on safety.

That is why we like what Bridgeport School District officials did recently. Superintendent Ted Downing and his staff is being proactive in regards to protecting their staff and students.

Bridgeport school officials staged a session last week with local law enforcement and emergency personnel to update the district’s crisis plan, in order to help avert possible tragedies.

Points of discussion centered around where students would be evacuated to in the case of either a shooting incident or a bomb threat. Those at the Bridgeport summit identified several locations to safely relocate students and staff should a chaotic situation arise. To their credit, school officials did not disclose those venues.

“Hopefully this will give our staff a more updated plan on how to deal with a crisis if we should ever have one,” Downing said. “We’ve taken our time and I think we’ve done it right. I think we now have a very good plan in place to help protect the children of the Bridgeport school district.”

Now all that needs to make the plan the rite of Bulldog safety is for the Bridgeport Board of Education to approve it at Wednesday’s meeting. We believe it will enable all staff members to become better acquainted with the plan’s details.

The plan will prove beneficial to law enforcement responding to the scene. Knowing that students and staff are safely situated will expedite the search for the criminals involved.

We hope Bridgeport never needs to utilize its crisis plan, but should that unthinkable occurrence arise, we believe Bridgeport school officials are doing all they can to minimize any injuries.