Job Fair

GOOD JOBS are a precious commodity. Here in the Ohio Valley, they are sometimes hard to find.

The 7th annual Ohio Job Fair looks to remedy that situation. It be held Wednesday, April 3 from noon until 4 p.m. at the Ohio Valley Mall, under the auspices of the Belmont County Connections office.

It is win-win scenario as the job fair brings together businesses and industries that are looking for qualified employees with individuals seeking such positions.

The Ohio Valley is beginning to feel the positive impact of the oil and gas drilling industry. With it, more jobs are being created.

However, oil and gas are not the cure-all for all the unemployment ills in our area. That is why the job fair plays a vital role in aiding those out of work or looking for a better position.

“Our previous job fairs were great successes due to the much appreciated participation by our business customers,” Connections manager Mike Schlanz said. “Let’s do it again in 2013 to help our Ohio Valley residents obtain jobs and to help employers find good employees.”

We echo the sentiments offered by Schlanz. The job fair is a no-lose proposition.

The job fair is open to those who are looking for a job and who wish to meet with several employers at one location. Participating businesses are being listed at Job-seekers are asked to frequently check the website for updates.

Interested parties can contact the Belmont County Connections office at (740) 633-5627 for registration information. Moreover, Schlanz’ email address is schlam@odjfs.

Connections website for more information is

We encourage all local businesses to set up shop at the job fair while challenging all those looking for jobs to put their best foot forward on April 3 in order to make a productive first impression.