Promoting Bellaire

WE WERE impressed by one of the occurrences at Wednesday’s Belmont County Commissioners’ meeting.

It came in the form of a simple introduction. It was a move that may have long-lasting impact and one that pays dividends for the All-American Town.

Dan Marling, Bellaire village administrator, attended the regular weekly meeting of the county commissioners. He was not there seeking a handout.

Rather, Marling was in attendance to get better acquainted with county officials and for them to know more about him and the village he serves. Marling, still a newcomer to his post, reviewed Bellaire’s progress and plans while hoping to forge cooperation with the county and school systems.

We view that as a great proactive move for the betterment of Bellaire. It was a dose of leadership the village is sorely in need of. Marling becoming more familiar with the commissioners and the workings of the county will obviously pay dividends in the future.

Marling was all-pro Bellaire in his address. He touted the town’s many active citizens groups such as the Citizens Advisory Committee, the chamber of commerce and the Stone Viaduct Education Society. He added that Bellaire enjoys positive relationships with agencies such as the county water treatment plant and extended an offer to cooperate in county projects.

Marling exuded a sense of community pride all too often hidden in Bellaire. He was the ideal ambassador to bring about a more productive county-Bellaire relationship.

“We’re looking forward to some good things in Bellaire,” Marling said.

After his visit to county commissioner, we agree with that statement. It appears Bellaire has the right man leading the way.