Clearing Hurdles

EXCELLING with less.

The Bellaire School District has demonstrated once again that academic success can be achieved despite economic shortcomings.

Bellaire schools have been dealing with major budget issues for several years now. So much so, that the district has been in fiscal emergency and under the auspices of the state.

District officials have repeatedly attempted to gain voter approval for a new funding source. But whether it be packaged in the form of a levy or income tax, voters have resoundingly said no to the revenue-generating request.

Another levy attempt will be on May’s ballot.

The lack of funding has resulted in some 40 teachers and administrators losing their positions and many programs being cut or scaled back. Such hardships have made academic success more challenging in the district.

It also makes the latest state report card that much more rewarding for Bellaire schools. Receiving an excellent designation from the state is a reason to celebrate.

Doing so for the second time in three years, is an even more remarkable feat, especially when considering the economic obstacles being overcome.

The high school, middle school and elementary school each gained excellent designations as separate buildings.

Time will tell whether voters are more receptive to a sixth try for extra money at the May polls. They should take pride, however, in the academic achievements demonstrated in their district schools.