Hunting Money

BEING PROACTIVE is a positive trait. When it comes to securing money, it is even a more advantageous quality.

It appears the Martins Ferry hierarchy buys into that mindset. The Purple City’s administration is aggressive when it comes to going after grant money. Through its meticulous scavenging for outside monies, Martins Ferry will realize several renovations and improvements.

Development Director Kathy Wade Gagin spearheads the effort, assisted by a team of village officials. Gagin reported on the city’s money-seeking accomplishments at this week’s meeting.

Ferry has received two grants from Jefferson-Belmont Solid Waste Authority receiving 100 percent funding on both. The city was awarded $6,000 for use on new benches and trash receptacles for Fodor Park, to sponsor the annual clean up day, and to provide a tire recycling program in the city.

All are nice beautification efforts for the entire community while continuing to keep Fodor Park a state-of-the-art recreational venue.

Along those same lines, the Martins Ferry Lions Club was able to land a pair of JBSWA grants which will be utilized for park benches.

Much to its credit, Ferry is not resting on its lucrative laurels.

Gagin is actively seeking several other grants. Those include the Sprout Foundation/Spark Grant of $4,075 for supplies and programming at the recreation center, and the Giving Back Fund in support for the police dog. Applications will also be submitted for Friends of the NRA for the Eddie Eagle Gun Safety Program, and the Land and Water Conservation Development Fund totaling $70,000 for the Crawford Heights playground. Also, a DNR Nature Works grant of $5,000 will cover a planning grant for the playground.

CHIP, OMEGA and Appalachian Regional Commission funding are also targets for Ferry fund-seekers.

That is all well and good. It’s obvious Martins Ferry will not be fortunate enough to be successful in all of its requests. But such aggressive grant-seeking action will certainly reap dividends for Martins Ferry.