Moving Forward

MARTINS FERRY City Council has finalized a move that will help galvanize the city’s continued revitalization.

Council members, meeting in regular session Wednesday night, reaffirmed their collective support for the code enforcer and development director posts.

Both positions play big into a brighter future for the Purple City. Some questioned the need for either, but we commend the city’s leadership for having the vision and common sense to realize the benefits both individuals bring in making Ferry a more progressive entity.

Council’s decision was prudent and one we think will pay huge dividends. But it did also come at a cost, one we feel can be made up in the not so distant future.

To ensure funding for the code enforcer and development office, city council approved a resolution eliminating the off-street parking fund. Future revenue from parking rental spaces will be earmarked for the general fund to maintain both positions.

It is a small price to pay.

Mayor Paul Riethmiller has expertly brought all governmental factions onto the same page, yielding much economic growth and a more conducive business-friendly environment.

He realizes that the off-street parking fund can be re-established once city finances will allow that to happen, reinforcing council’s Wednesday vote.

The mayor added that another 15-20 off-street parking spaces will be created with permanent improvement funds when the weather breaks.

If things play out as expected, Martins Ferry will have the best of both worlds — two key positions saved and an off- street parking fund re-established.