Cast Your Ballot

A WEEK from today, all the votes will be tallied. Be it through early voting or at the polls on May 7, boards of elections will be doing their respective tabulations.

This year’s primary election in Eastern Ohio is one dominated by levies. A slew of schools and entities are seeking funding to assist with their operations.

Some school districts are in worse financial shape than others. The Switzerland of Ohio School District is seeking approval of a 6.44-mill additional tax levy for a period of five years. The money would be used to help the district dig out more than $2 million debt.

Should the levy fail, the school board has said massive cutbacks and layoffs will take place. All of the district’s school will take a major hit.

Bellaire school officials are pushing for passage of an 8.25 mill levy, marking the sixth time in three years the district has sought new funding. The district is still under the auspices of the state, but is moving closer to the exodus from its once $3 million plus deficit.

St. Clairsville’s ballot will feature two money-seeking requests: A school levy for 2.75 mills and a memorial park levy for .25 mills. The latter would be in effect for five years. Should the park levy go down, the park board has voted to close the park on May 10 and Allen Pool would not operate this summer.

If the levy does fail and the park board follows through with its closure vote, the doors would be shut on a beautiful and popular recreation venue.

Buckeye Local and Bridgeport schools also have levies on the ballot, focusing mainly on school security. Upon approval, both districts plan to hire resource officers. The move for beefed up security is one growing more popular throughout the nation in wake of last December’s Connecticut school shootings.

A host of other levies are featured on the May ballot. We urge all voters, if they have not cast an early ballot, do their homework thoroughly on the issues that impact them. After doing such, please use your right to cast your vote.