Connecting Jobs

BRINGING TOGETHER job-seekers with prospective employers — it is the ideal employment marriage.

Such was the case last Wednesday when the annual Belmont County Job Fair played out at the Ohio Valley Mall. The popular event is under the supervision of Belmont County Connections and its director, Mike Schlanz.

The job fair always attracts solid numbers, both from those hunting jobs as well as the companies that may provide them. This year’s event was simply off the charts.

Some 101 businesses were on hand, providing information and looking for prospective employees. Schlanz indicates that hitting triple figures is a definite high water mark.

The number of individuals on the job-searching end was also notable. Schlanz guesstimates that about 2,000 individuals flocked to the fair.

The fair is an effective tool in the local job market. Schlanz notes that one company hired 12 individuals from last year’s job fair.

The inflated totals this year can be traced to the burgeoning oil and gas industry which is gaining more and more traction in Eastern Ohio. Shale companies need workers and the jobs they offer are well-paying ones.

The job fair makes it more conducive for the two to meet and potentially do business.

Schlanz said, “This is our biggest, best, greatest job fair on both sides.”

The Belmont Connections office is more than just an annual job fair. Connections is hands on with the county employment situation, offering job assistance and information year round.

The job fair presents residents an ideal opportunity to see what kind of employment offers are available.

Belmont Connections earns our praise for making such a worthwhile program possible, as well as keeping its hands constantly on the pulse of the job market.