Effective Promotion

THE SECOND Annual Ohio Valley Oil and Gas Expo has come and gone.

Months of planning and preparation yielded another successful venture Wednesday.

Belmont County commissioners were cast in the role of hosts for the Carnes Center extravaganza. It is a event which will continue to grow in size and interest as the burgeoning shale and oil business gains more and more traction in Eastern Ohio.

We commend our local officials for recognizing the value of such an undertaking, helping prime the economic pump. The expo serves a dual purpose, enticing gas- and oil-related businesses to see what our area has to offer while also providing employment opportunities to passionate job-seekers.

More than 2,000 individuals attended this week’s expo, as was the case a year ago. Such volume reflects the impact and need for such affairs which showcase Belmont County in a positive light.

The expo creates an ideal forum for those involved in the oil and gas industry to educate the general public on their respective operations and what the future may hold.

It also brings a wide-ranging and blossoming entity under one roof, creating a conducive environment for the exchange of useful ideas, information and plans.

We believe the local oil and gas expo plants the seeds for future and fertile development in Belmont County and the surrounding areas. It is has become a positive employment rite of spring.