Quicker Repsonse

TIME MEANS everything in an emergency situation. Mere seconds can determine the difference between life or death.

A new program in Belmont County may shave much-needed response time when a crisis arrives.

Jim Delman of the county’s fire and squad officers delivered that message to county officials recently. Delman noted that a MECC mapping program is available that would assist all fire, police and EMS agencies in Belmont County.

The program uses the county’s GIS information in a program accessible from a laptop in an emergency vehicle, allowing personnel to easily locate a given address.

First responders often times have difficulty finding their venues, especially in rural locales or ones in recent development additions. It may also serve as a boon to new e-squad members. So any assistance that can be supplied to emergency personnel would aid a possible life-saving call.

Delman said the program would afford greater efficiency and convenience, adding the map can be refined to include landmarks such as fire hydrants and drill sites and can be quickly downloaded.

The program is made available via a Columbus-based company and is already in place in 15 counties.

The program has been embraced by Belmont County commissioners and the sheriff.

As all good things, a price tag is accompanied. The yearly cost would be $1,920. Emergency Management Agency funding will help foot the bill.

If one life is spared, it will be money well spent.