Red, White & Blue

AMERICA’S PATRIOTIC spirit is again at a fevered pitch. It may be at a level not experienced since the events of 9/11.

And again it has taken a tragedy of major proportions to rekindle that sense of red, white & blue pride.

The two deadly blasts that rocked the Boston Marathon in its waning stages are reprehensible. A most special day in Beantown and the entire state of Massachusetts was marred by a senseless act of terrorism.

Patriots Day 2013 will be one never forgotten throughout the nation. A pair of bombs going off slightly more than four hours after the race’s start resulted in three deaths and mounting injuries, currently numbering close to 200. Many of those injuries are of horrific nature, as the loss of limbs has been reported all too frequently.

Amazingly, the death and injury toll was not higher, as the bombing site was congested with runners and spectators. That speaks volumes of the expertise exhibited by first responders.

Stories of heroism are continuing to be revealed. Some of the most heartwarming are those involving the runners who just completed the 26.2-mile journey and kept going to area hospitals to donate blood to the bombing victims.

In these times of terror and tragedy, Americans have rushed to aid those in need. We always do, as reflected during 9/11.

The investigation commenced quickly and with a sense of great urgency. It is still unknown whether the terrorists are foreign or domestic. We do have faith that with the massive manpower involved in the probe that a quick resolution will play out.

Monday’s terrifying episode reinforces the fact that we can never let our guard down against terrorism and that we have a special brand of people who can respond to tragedy when it does unfortunately occur.