Safe Proms

SPRINGTIME ushers in prom season. It is a special time of the school year. All too often, however, it becomes a tragic time.

Proms are school functions that students look forward to and plan well in advance. Gowns and tuxedos must be located and fitted while hair and nail appointments are made weeks — if not months — ahead.

Flowers must be color coordinated and ordered.

No stone goes unturned in preparing for a most special weekend.

Some local high schools have already held their respective proms. Many more are on tap this weekend and in the coming weeks.

A time of such fun and joy all too frequently turns into a time of tragedy.

Unfortunately, proms and their subsequent after-prom parties lend themselves to drinking of alcohol by teens. That is a recipe for heartache.

Parents and guardians play big into making for a safe prom.

They need to map the night’s itinerary with their children and their dates.

Curfews need to be given and enforced. Cell phones make communication easy throughout the night.

Chaperones can also help avert tragedy. When they spot anyone in no condition to get behind the wheel, they need to grab the keys and provide transportation home. As the saying goes, “friends don’t let friends drive drunk.”

We wish all prom-goers a most enjoyable time. But they must remember that the best proms are the safe proms.