Special Boy

YOUNG IN age, but industrious and compassionate beyond his years.

That is Austin Langford. He is 10-years-old. Austin’s youth has proven no hindrance in his ability to see the big picture of life. The Martins Ferry boy has embarked on a worthwhile humanitarian effort.

Austin is seeking to raise money to assist persons in need.

The spark for Austin’s initiative came when he witnessed a man with a sign asking for food or money. His youthful exuberance quickly led him, assisted by his mother Shannon, to begin selling t-shirts to help low-income residents served by The Daily Bread Center in Martins Ferry.

Austin’s efforts are well-channelled. The Daily Bread Center does yeoman’s work in aiding those who are in need of assistance, serving more than 200 families a month.

The message on the T-shirts has the word, “HOPE,” in large letters followed by the message, “Fighting Hunger Together.” We HOPE Austin’s shirts, purchased from his own savings, prove popular with the public, as he is not only exhibiting great sympathy but also unbridled generosity, risking his own money in his strong belief for a cause.

Rev. David Stammerjohn, who heads The Daily Bread Center’s board, terms Austin’s endeavor as “tremendous,” adding that, “He’s a young man who has seen a problem and has come up with a personal way of addressing the problem.”

We agree. We also challenge the public to support the Buckeye Local student’s refreshing and heart-filled undertaking.

Each shirt costs $12 and may be ordered by calling Austin’s mother (740) 298-2658. Small, medium, large and extra large shirts are available. In addition, the T-shirts will be available at the “Picnic in the Park,” planned June 8.

Proceeds will go to The Daily Bread Center for help with food and personal items such as toothpaste and paper towels.

Today’s youth all too often get a bum rap as being lazy and unfocused. Austin Langford is a refreshing rebut to that notion.

We commend a special young boy for having the wherewithal to undertake a life-changing mission.