VOLUNTEERISM MAKES the world go round.

That may be a little of a stretch, but volunteers and the tasks they deliver are priceless.

They make the world a much better place. We are indebted to them for countless acts of helping their fellow man while expecting nothing in return.

In conjunction with that dose of good deeds, today marks the beginning of National Volunteer Week. The observance pays tribute and recognizes the time given selflessly by millions of Americans.

We tip our hats to a most heart-warming and refreshing collection of individuals. In this all too often self-centered and “me” society, the volunteers are the antithesis to such thinking.

Volunteerism takes on life in many forms. Opportunities to help one another are limitless.

Volunteers are commonly found in hospitals, performing numerous chores to aid patients and staff members, alike.

But here in the Ohio Valley we are also home to many non-profit organizations of goodwill.

Service clubs like the Rotary, Kiwanis and Lions all have special causes they passionately champion. Much the same are the Elks and Masons.

But local volunteers can also be found weaving their magic with Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Habitat for Humanity as well as church-affiliated groups.

The beauty of volunteerism is that it can be undertaken by anyone. It just takes compassion and commitment. Anyone can be a volunteer.

To those of you who are volunteers, we thank you for being special. For those who are not volunteers, we urge you try it.