Powhatan Project

JUNE 1 will be a landmark day in Powhatan Point.

That is the day when the Powhatan Craft Mall officially opens for business. A new business enterprise is always good news in the Ohio Valley, but when such a venture makes use of a closed school it takes on added significance. Such is the case in this southern Belmont County community.

The Powhatan Point Revitalization Association is now the owner of the former school building. It became available after Switzerland of Ohio School District voters passed a levy, resulting in a major facilities construction boom. Consequently, the village received a state-of-the-art school and is now getting a new mall, as well.

That is a double win for the community.

The mall has already attracted 9-10 craft shops and 22 vendors for the debut. Also a barbecue and bake sale will be featured.

The mall also steps into the realm of wellness as a fitness center is part of the project. Zumba classes will be offered.

A photo studio is also included.

It all adds up to a fresh and exciting dawning for Powhatan Point. One that may spawn addtional development in the town.

The Powhatan Point Revitalization Association is not content with just the mall project. The group also harbors hopes of establishing a Powhatan Museum as well as a Native American and oil, gas and coal museum.

The group should be commended for its proactive and aggressive action. The mall and possible museum will add much to the Powhatan landscape as well as economy.

The Powhatan Point Revitalization Association should serve as a model for other development groups in their respective quests.