Unique Renovation

TALK ABOUT your win-win scenarios. One is playing out at the Monroe County Jail.

The Woodsfield-based lockup is a 12-day holding facility. It is also one in need of extensive renovation. The remodeling calls for new floors, windows and the establishment of an interrogation room.

Such a project can bring with it a costly price tag.

However, thanks to some progressing thinking to go along with some cooperation from the inmates, the work is being done at reduced costs and with expert labor.

That is because incarcerated prisoners, being held on minor violations, are currently carrying out the renovation.

Monroe County Sheriff Charles Black said several of the inmates are skilled laborers, such as carpenters. The prisoners opted to erase the monotony of sitting in their cells, offering instead to perform the needed work.

Free labor on such an expansive project results in massive savings. Expert labor at no cost is priceless.

Security is the leading factor for the renovation. The jail was plagued by broken windows, shoddy doors and several other shortcomings which yielded a subpar lockup. Each of the offices received new flooring, dry wall and windows. Drop ceilings were also installed which will result in cost savings in regards to heating and cooling.

One of the most beneficial features of the project is the creation of an interrogation room. It was transformed from a former restroom.

We commend both the Monroe County Sheriff’s office as well as the current prisoners on the success of the renovation work. Unfortunately, state-of-the-art jails are needed in these criminally active times.

Thanks to teamwork work and out-of-the-cell thinking, Monroe County now has a much secure jail at a much-reduced price.