Cleaning Up

PITCHING IN can go a long way in cleaning up a community. Case in point: Martins Ferry.

The Purple City takes pride in the look of its town. The city park and recreational venues are things of beauty. To keep the town looking good, Martins Ferry officials are holding its second annual Pitch-in community cleanup on June 15.

The inaugural event went quite well.

Director of Development Kathy Wade-Gagin said the first event was successful thanks to the participation of several groups. Two truckloads of garbage and recyclables were gathered. Such a haul makes a big dent in unsightly litter.

“It was a nice day and we made a difference in the city,” Gagin said.

This year’s event is being fueled by a group of community-minded students.

Gagin said students in the Martins Ferry High School’s Step-up Program have volunteered to pick up litter. They have also donated money for two additional bicycle racks for a total of four.

It is refreshing to see youths taking such an interest in their town. We hope it spurs greater participation from the general public.

What a better way to exemplify your community pride?

The city is partnering with the Lions Club, Aaron’s Furniture and the Times Leader. Gagin said as many volunteers as possible are needed to make the event a success.

Anyone interested in loading tires, assembling benches, installing bicycle racks, picking up litter, or performing other tasks is welcome. Martins Ferry is a city on the move, so it makes sense to make that upward mobility a cleaner one.

For more information, contact Gagin’s office at (740) 609-3709, (740) 381-3899, or