Good Choice

THE BELMONT County Commissioners had a recent tough task on their respective hands. It was one they put to bed very nicely this week.

The governing triumvirate was looking to fill an integral position. That being director of the Department of Job and Family Services. To say the position is challenging would be doing it an injustice.

The vacancy came about when Dwayne Pielech several weeks past announced his intentions to step down as DJFS director. Pielech performed his many duties in that capacity exceedingly well.

After a thorough search, the commissioners nailed it. They identified and subsequently hired a well-qualified individual.

John M. Rowan will officially assume the DJFS director’s role on July 15. The Wheeling resident comes well-equipped and superbly trained for his new responsibilities.

Most recently, Rowan has distinguished himself as executive director of Oakview Juvenile Residential Center in St. Clairsville the past seven years. His superb performance in that position was reinforced by an individual above reproach.

“He has done a fantastic job and as sad as the board is to lose a very good person like him, we’re very happy for him and their decision to hire him, and we know he’ll do an excellent job,” offered Judge Mark Costine, lead judge of the Oakview Center.

Oakview is just one of several training grounds in which Rowan has excelled.

Rowan previously served as regional director of the Wheeling/Martinsburg Region of the National Youth Advocate Program from 2005-2006; as executive director of the U.S. Department of Justice program, Wheeling Weed and Seed, from 1998-2002; and in case management at the U.S. Department of Justice Federal Correctional Institution in Ashland, Ky., 1995-96.

On top of all of that, Rowan is a people person. He has the personality and social skills needed to deal with the many issues and individuals that will come his way.

We thank Pielech for his committed and passionate work as DJFS director.

We also congratulate Rowan on his new position. We believe he has all the tools needed to be very successful.